Version 3.1.0 is released!

This is a feature and bug fix update.

The new release contains 61 changes for a diff stat of 65 files changed, 6519 insertions(+), 694 deletions(-).

New packages

  • cap1xxx: was promoted from experimental. It enables capacitive touch sensing.


Improvements done in the past month:

  • apa102 got support to disable the global PWM and new variables NeutralTemp, PassThruOpts to simplify disabling color temperature correction.
  • bmxx80 had a regression in v3.0.0 in humidity measurement on the BME280 fixed.
  • Experimental drivers unicornhd, mpu9250 and command periph-web were added.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • pinreg added Unregister(). It’s be needed to support unplugging headers exposed via USB.

Special thanks

Thanks to:

I (@maruel) did the rest, including the release process and the gohci test lab.

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