Overview for users who want ready-to-use tools

Batteries included contains executables usable as-is.

You are expected to build them from sources.


First, make sure to have Go installed. If you don’t mind using an old Go version, you can use sudo apt install golang. periph tries to stay compatible with Go 1.13.15.


It is done via:

go get -u

On many platforms (board/OS combination), many tools requires running as root (via sudo) to have access to the necessary CPU GPIO registers or even just kernel exposed APIs.


To have faster builds, you may wish to build on a desktop and send the executables to your ARM based micro computer. The companion tool helps you with this:

go get -u
push -host raspberrypi

Configuring the host

See /platform/ for supplemental information to configure the host to leverage as much functionalities as possible.