Announcing v2.1.0

25x speed bump just in time for πŸŽ„ holidays!

Version 2.1.0 is released!

This is a polish, features and performance update. It includes a 25x (!) GPIO performance improvements, a nice slew of new features and no breaking change.

New features

This release brings a whole set of new features:

Testing improvements

  • Added GPIO benchmarks. See the dedicated blog post describing the benchmarks.
    • The benchmarks enforce that no heap allocation occurs in core functions.
  • periph-smoketest overhaul to increase usability.
    • The command line argument for smoke test gpio changed to be consistent with the others.
  • Made go test compatible with go 1.10beta1.

Special thanks

I want to give a special thank to Matt for code reviews and Hidetoshi for bcm283x.PWM() fixes.

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