Want to contribute? Great!

Before you contribute

Before we can use your code, you must sign the Google Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA), which you can do online. The CLA is necessary mainly because you own the copyright to your changes, even after your contribution becomes part of our codebase, so we need your permission to use and distribute your code. We also need to be sure of various other things—for instance that you’ll tell us if you know that your code infringes on other people’s patents.

You don’t have to sign the CLA until after you’ve submitted your code for review and a member has approved it, but you must do it before we can put your code into our codebase. Before you start working on a larger contribution, you should get in touch with us first through the issue tracker with your idea so that we can help out and possibly guide you. Coordinating up front makes it much easier to avoid frustration later on.

Code reviews

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review. The periph project uses Github pull requests for this purpose.

periph provides an extensible driver registry and common bus interfaces. periph is designed to work well with drivers living in external packages so it is fine to start device drivers in your own repository.

Code quality

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require abiding to high code quality. See Requirements for the expectations. Contributions need to pass the GitHub actions checks and must not introduce flaky tests.


The periph project uses both GitHub Actions for generic linux/macOS/Windows testing and gohci for automated testing on devices. The devices run unit tests and periph-smoketest.

Every commit is tested on real hardware via gohci workers.

The fleet currently is currently hosted by maruel:

Tests must not be broken by a PR.


While this project is not related to the Go project itself, periph abides to the same code of conduct as the Go project as described at periph doesn’t yet have a formal committee, please email directly for issues encountered.

The small print

Contributions made by corporations are covered by a different agreement than the one above, the Software Grant and Corporate Contributor License Agreement.