Announcing v3.6.1

RPi1 and Rpi Zero GPIO and amd64

Version 3.6.1 is released!

This is a bug fix release.

The new release contains 13 changes from 1 contributors for a diff stat of 28 files changed, 489 insertions(+), 87 deletions(-).


  • bcm283x: Fixed issue introduced in v 3.2.0, that would cause gpio failure on Rpi1 and RPiZW when using sysfs driver.
  • pmem: Fix crashing test on amd64 on recent Go versions.
  • Many more future proofing changes in preparation for v4, packages touched include ads1x15, gpiostreamtest, host, hx711, sysfs, gpiotest, analog, mt7688, allwinner, bcm283x, mt766, pmem and cmd/led.

Special thanks

Thanks to:

I (@NeuralSpaz) did the the release process and helped with manual testing.

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— By NeuralSpaz