Announcing v3.6.5

Let's just hope 2020 ends quickly

Version 3.6.5 is released!

You’ll notice 3.6.4 and 3.6.3 were released earlier but I never posted a blog post. Sorry about that. It’s been a rough year.

The new release contains 28 changes from 12 contributors for a diff stat of 90 files changed, 4593 insertions(+), 442 deletions(-).

  • Michael Stapelberg: rpi: obtain revision from device tree (for non-raspbian systems) (#436)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: mcp23xxx: fix invalid value; add link to datasheet
  • xenOs76: cap1xxx.go: shift input statuses by d.inputStatuses array len (#449)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: travis: rewrite the file; upgrade to Go 1.14.x
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: Add GitHub actions
  • SystemGlitch: mfrc522: Add support for 7-bytes UUID (#442)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: Rerun go generate ./…
  • David Sansome: inky: Minor cleanups: (#431)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: Fix log silencing in tests
  • Denis Luchkin-Zhou: Made column differential work for SSD1306 (#444)
  • Berry Wang: bcm283x:Add support for internal pull resistor used in BCM2711 (#445)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: Many staticcheck fixes
  • bezineb5: bcm283x: Fixes #226: unrolling DMA controlBlocks (#440)
  • Carl Henrik Lunde: epd/image2bit: e-paper 2 bit gray scale bit plane image format (#438)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: travis: add go vet, addlicense checks; lower codecov threshold
  • bezineb5: Implement TLV493D hall effect sensor on I2C bus (#450)
  • Balázs Grill: pca9685: Added Full-on/off support, fixed scaling to 12 bits (#443)
  • Balázs Grill: mcp23xxx: support for Microchip MCP23 family of IO extenders (#433)
  • bezineb5: Updated documentation (#441)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: bcm283x: golint fix
  • Lars Hoogestraat: st7567: add device driver for 128x64 dot matrix LCD (#451)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: github actions: cleanup
  • Michael Stapelberg: bcm283x: present: check device tree (#435)
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: beagle: fix a race condition due to missing dependency
  • Marc-Antoine Ruel: periph-web: Update static_prod.go
  • Balázs Grill: pca9685: added gpio pin API (#437)
  • David Sansome: inky: Add wHAT support (#430)
  • mhabb: netlink/onewire: fix error handling when reading from the netlink socket (#448)

Special thanks

Thanks to:

I (@maruel) did the rest, including the release process and the gohci test lab.

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