Jetson Nano Developer Kit

NVIDIA Jetson Nano module and carrier board


Nividia’s low cost entry level Jetson platform. The Jetson Nano Dev Kit has a Raspberry Pi compatible 40 pin header. A nice link to the GPIO can be found here


Here’s some setup notes for the Jetson Nano

  • Install the latest Jetson SD card image from to a microSD card. At least a 16GB card is recommended. The download image is 6GB.

  • The Jetson Nano can draw quite a bit of power if you push it hard. It is recommended to get a decent 4A supply and populate J48 with a shorting jumper. See this excellent post here

  • The Jetson Nano does not come with wifi and bluetooth. Check out this link here to add a wifi and bluetooth module. Alternatively you can just plug it into ethernet to get network connectivity.

  • The easiest way to get up and running is to plug in a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There are directions for headless setup that can be found here and here

  • To enable SPI check out this link here

Support (tested on the bench manually)


  • Write tested and working
  • Read tested and working


  • Read and write tested and working


  • Mode0 read and write tested and working
  • Mode1 write tested and working with the following caveat: spi.NoCS option does not work and returns an error
  • Another caveat: When attempting to connect to SPI1.0 an error was returned. If you connect to SPI0.0 it works fine on SPI1.


There are multiple places to purchase a Jetson Nano Dev Kit:

The periph authors do not endorse any specific seller. These are only provided for your convenience.