Announcing v3.3.0

Important sysfs SPI and physic constant fixes

Version 3.3.0 is released!

‼️ This is an important bug fix update. ‼️

We highly recommend to upgrade.

The new release contains 31 changes from 8 contributors for a diff stat of 60 files changed, 7987 insertions(+), 633 deletions(-).

New packages

  • ads1x15: 12 / 16 bits ADC converters over I²C.
  • bh1750: ambient light sensor over I²C.
  • epd: Waveshare ePaper display over SPI.
  • ht16k33: LED alphanumeric display over I²C.
  • gpioutil: GPIO utility functions PollEdge and Debounce (not fully implemented).
  • hx711: 24 bits ADC converter.
  • pca9685: PWM module over I²C.


  • ‼️ physic: fix KilometrePerHour constant.
  • ‼️ sysfs: fix SPI handling of the CS line, both for Tx() and TxPackets().
  • Travis testing was improved. periph is now tested on go1.5.4, go1.7.6 and go1.11.1.
  • mfrc522: add antenna gain control.
  • mt7688: standardized pin function names.
  • nrzled: drive through SPI.
  • periph: can now compiles with tinygo.

Special thanks

Thanks to:

I (@maruel) did the rest, including the release process and the gohci test lab.

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